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On this episode, get to know Heather! Kelsey interviews Heather. Who is Heather? Where is she from? What gets her out of bed in the morning? Listen to find out!

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Meet Your Co-Host: Heather Hamann

On this episode, get to know Heather! Kelsey interviews Heather.
Who is Heather? Where is she from? What gets her out of bed in the morning? Listen to find out!


S0E2: Meet Heather!


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Highlights from this Episode:

  • How did you get into the space of being a nutritional therapy practitioner?
    • It inadvertently came from a lifetime of struggling with food. I mean, to be really honest. And from doing every diet and every iteration of everything out there. And I would always be talking to people about nutrition and people would be coming to me saying, what do you think?
    • I feel like my story is so many people’s story that I knew that I could help people and I also just wanted some credibility and to be educated and to be able to actually help.
  • What was the craziest diet you ever did?
    • The Master Cleanse. That lasted about two days, but it was everything else from the South Beach Diet to Atkins to Weight Watchers too.
  • So, how do you eat right now?
    • Predominantly whole foods. Real foods. I try to avoid things in packages, in a box that has more than the natural ingredients, the lower carb end. But the reality is when pizza comes up, it comes up and I try not to get too crazy about that. But I am avoiding sugar. Sugar is a trigger, and it’s certainly a trigger for me, so it really has no place in my life.
  • Can you tell us more about the fitness side of things?
    • Years and years ago, back in the Weight Watcher days, I started going to a women-only gym and just sort of going on the cardio machines and tooling around a little with weights. And that was a great start, right? And then I went to a Globo Gym and I got a trainer.
    • I just started weightlifting and having all of this great success and it was awesome and then it turned into CrossFit and I still love CrossFit. I work for CrossFit. I go to CrossFit. I love it, but it really just didn’t work for me after a while in that I was getting hurt. And that was on me. It wasn’t on CrossFit, it was that I wasn’t scaling things properly or I always wanted to lift heavy.
    • So it’s sort of morphed into more of weight training and then Strongman, which I love. Just do what you like, because it’s better than not moving. I think that people get really hung up on someone telling them they should do something. Just move. If you like going for walks, go for it.
    • It’s just finding what works, what you enjoy, and also a few years ago I wouldn’t want to hear this, but not overdoing it.
  • What is your superpower?
    • My superpower is that I believe that I can read the room. Like I just inherently have a sense of what people need or they want. And I can communicate it really well and it’s really awesome to be able to kind of quickly get into what someone is thinking or feeling. 
  • I just realized that we didn’t talk about where you’re located and I want to talk about that because I feel like we could not be located in any more opposite worlds.
    • So I’m actually in Oyster Bay, which is in Long Island and it’s very suburban, so it’s not urban. And I am about a 45-minute train ride from Manhattan. When I was younger in my 20s, I went all the time to shows to restaurants to clubs, you know, to all those things, and the city really does have a magical energy.
  • What’s one book that you recommend to everyone?
    • I am going to go outside of the health world now. I’m going to tell everyone to read the Tattooist of Auschwitz. It is just so informing. I love it. It is fiction. It is touching and I can’t get enough of this book and I think that a lot of the messages are lost for people now, so I would say that that’s my favorite fiction book.
  • What podcasts do you recommend?
    • Sam Harris Waking Up podcast because I think that not only does he give some practical advice about meditation and mindset, he also interviews some really interesting current, even political figures. I think it’s just something that really makes you think.
  • A website or social media account that people should follow.
    • I love Juli at PaleOMG. She’s one of the few blogs that I still read. I don’t really read a lot of blogs anymore because I feel like Instagram has done a good job at keeping everyone up to speed. I love her blogs. I love her Instagram. I love everything. I also really love the evolution that she’s had and she’s become so positive and not like in a toxic positivity, annoying way and really discovering herself.
  • What’s your favorite quote?
    • I have many. This is so cliche, but I would say, “This above all: to thine own self be true.”
    • The reality is, if you can’t be authentic to yourself,  you can’t be authentic to anyone else. I mean, even though that’s like a sort of silly cliche thing, if immediately that’s what comes to mind, because if you’re not being real with yourself, it’s just a facade, right?
  • What is your fundamental self care practice?
    • My absolute must-have is I do a gratitude meditation and to me it’s so important because it sets up the day right?
    • So many times we wake up with like a to-do list running through our head or we check the email or we’re worried about this, but if you start the day with thinking about the things that you’re thankful for everything else sort of falls away and it becomes okay. This perspective is where I’m at and sometimes I find that I’ll be thinking about like three things I’m grateful for and it just literally splits off into like 30 more. And it makes the whole day better. It sets the tone.
  • What advice do you give most often?
    • Resoundingly, the advice that I give most people when they come to me about nutrition. is to let yourself off the hook a little bit right. 
    • Food and choices and success. It’s not good or bad. You’re not a good or bad person. And you’re just, it’s a choice. You move on, good or bad, because there’s always another choice, right? Don’t spend too much time harping on it.
    • Don’t lose yourself in what you didn’t do right, or you think you didn’t do right, because then it ends up leading to more choices that you’re not going to be happy about. So I always say drop it. Move on.
  • Where can people follow you?

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