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On this episode, get acquainted with Kelsey! Heather interviews Kelsey. Who is Kelsey? Where is she from? What gets her out of bed in the morning? Listen to find out!

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Meet Your Co-Host: Kelsey Albers

On this episode, get acquainted with Kelsey!
Heather interviews Kelsey Albers. Who is Kelsey? Where is she from? What gets her out of bed in the morning? Listen to find out!


S0E3: (Re-)Meet Kelsey!


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Highlights from this Episode:

  • Let’s tell everyone a little bit about you and maybe about your life before you got into the health sphere and how you transitioned into being a health coach.
    • I remember my senior year of high school, I did the Body for Life diet. I don’t know if you remember that or not, but looking back at it, it was actually pretty solid. It taught me about protein, fat, and carbohydrates. I don’t agree with the ratios now, but like it gave me that foundational knowledge.
    • I had really great results. I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I looked really fantastic, and my performance was better. I always had a little bit of exercise-induced asthma and I was able to run faster and go harder. 
    • I started having these really weird symptoms. And I knew immediately. It was numbness and tingling and shocks down my spine and I knew what it was because my mom had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I just knew. I got the official diagnosis in February of 2009.
  • What did you do immediately when you found out? Did you change anything or did that take a little bit of time?
    • I immediately was like, give me medication, tell me what to do. I was getting regular MRI’s and nothing was progressing but I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel better. I learned that the medication was to stop the progression of the disease, not improve it.  
    • I started lifting with this trainer and he was like, have you heard about this like paleo thing?
    • I just got into it and immediately I noticed I lost weight, my skin cleared up. I had lots of brain fog, and then I had more energy and there were all these really good symptoms, but I really didn’t notice a change to my MS symptoms.
    • About six months later, I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to see him and I had to fill out this symptom report. Like how frequently I’ve been having things and I’m like, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. And I realized that all of my symptoms had virtually disappeared within that six months
  • What did you think there? 
    • I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got my health coaching certification and really just ramped it up and by this time I had been sharing on Facebook and social media about what I was doing. I kind of started with a bang and got a lot of clients and it was enough to be able to do some lifestyle changes and stuff like that for me to cut back and start a business.
  • How did you get into that? How did you choose that? 
    • I had done the IN program and I had lots of really great things to say about it like it really taught me how to coach people, how to help people make changes, how to communicate, and so they had a lot of really great things, but they didn’t spend enough time on nutrition and so I felt like I was coming at it from a deficit.
  • So, tell me about where you live.
    • We have a regenerative farm. If anybody doesn’t know what that is, the entire process is bringing animals back to grazing patterns they would have had in the wild right before we domesticated them. So they graze, but they don’t overgraze.
    • We sell and eat and we have goats for weed management. We have chickens for eggs and bug management and we have Pyrenees for coyote management.
  • What is your main takeaway that you tell people when you’re working with them? Is there one thing that’s just a resounding theme that seems to come up again and again?
    • I will echo what you said when I  interviewed you in episode 2 to not let guilt and shame dictate you. 
    • The other thing from a nutrition perspective that I feel like I could just record myself saying and then just play it back, is eat more protein. Most people, right, like most people, don’t eat enough protein 
  • What is your favorite podcast right now?
    • There are two great podcasts by the same person I’ve been listening to religiously and they are called American Scandal and American History Tellers, and I’ve really over the last several years become obsessed with history. 
  • What is your favorite or one of your favorite social media accounts? Who inspires you or what inspires you? 
    • My interests change, so right now, my focus is creating a nature play set up for my kids. So I have been really into nature-based accounts to follow. So right now the one that I would recommend to everyone is @1000hoursoutside because we’re doing the 1000 hours outside challenge. Lots of good tips for being outside and what to do, and it’s really a beautiful Instagram account.
  • What is your favorite meal?
    • Oh, nachos, like 100% I love nachos.
  • What is your best practice for self-care? What do you do every day or every day that you can for yourself?
    • The one thing I’ve really started doing is I take a teaspoon of salt water and about 12 ounces of water and I drink that first thing before I drink coffee before I do anything. Getting those electrolytes and minerals first thing just kind of creates that connectivity and all my wiring and just makes me feel better all day.
    • Another self-care – I’ve really been great about just putting my phone away for a lot of the day like I’ve started telling people my turnaround time for responding to texts is 24 hours like I will get back to you, but it’s not going to be fast.
  • The final question is the one I love and you ask me as well, but I want to know what your superpower is.
    • Self-awareness like I think I used to think that when I was being self-aware I was overanalyzing.I was looking for excuses. I was like whatever, and then I realized that I can step back and look at myself in a situation and see things that maybe I don’t want to see.
  • Where can people find you on social media? Your website? Where can they learn more about Kelsey?
    • My health coaching business is Ignite Nourish Thrive.
    • I’m probably most active on my Facebook group Ignite Nourish Thrive with Kelsey Albers. Anybody can join, so you can just request to join.
    • Instagram is @kelseyalbers

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