Foundational Self-Care: Not Just Spa Weekends – Season 2 Episode 1

Barbells and Bone Broth Podcast - Season 2 - Foundational Self-Care

Self-care has no definition. For some, it’s a spa weekend and facials. But for most of us, it’s about foundational habits that keep us at the top of our game.

Kelsey and Heather share their tips and own habits for self-care.

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Foundational Self-Care: Not Just Spa Weekends

Self Care has no definition. For some, it’s a spa weekend and facials. But for most of us, it’s about foundational habits that keep us at the top of our game. Kelsey and Heather share their tips and own habits for self-care.


Barbells and Bone Broth: Season 2, Episode 1


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  • There is no generally accepted definition of self-care across multiple parties and multiple platforms.
  • The title of the season is Foundational Self Care. Whenever I hear people talk about self-care, I kind of tuned it out because it’s like I just don’t have the time and the support system to have somebody take care of my kids to be able to head out and have myself a massage or a facial or whatever every weekend. I hope people listen to this because our goal is to give people practical tips, practical advice on things that impact our everyday wellness. Like things that you can change, things that you can do that build a stronger foundation so you are better able to withstand the pressure of life. 
  • As lovely as the baths and the pedicures and the float tanks are, it doesn’t really translate into day-to-day wellness. You know the idea of self-care, but what does it really mean to take care of yourself long-term? What could or should we be doing on a daily basis to kind of recharge ourselves and be able to go about our day in a healthy way, mentally and physically.
  • What are some of your foundational self-care routines?
    • Heather – Every day at least 10 to 15-minute meditation. And while I like guided, I have gone back to doing silent, mostly working on gratitude for myself, because to me that really sets up my day to be in a good headspace. To be positive. Because when you are really rooted in gratitude, nothing seems too insurmountable, right?
    • I have been writing three things every day that I’m grateful for. And movement of some sort every day. And trying to eat the right foods for my body.
  • What are some of your foundational self-care routines?
    • Kelsey – I get up and the first thing I do is take soul water, which is like 12 ounces of saltwater.  I’ve always struggled with drinking enough water in the morning because I want to go directly to coffee. 
    • I meditate three mornings a week and it basically coincides with when I work out.
    • One of my big self-care routines is to put my phone away regularly. I do not have a Facebook app on my phone. Most of the time, like sometimes I’m doing something and I need to put it back on and watch a post or regularly chat with people. But it’s off and I am so much happier without that app being on because I don’t ever walk away from Facebook feeling good about myself or feeling happy and content with my life. My phone is on do not disturb from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM every single day, so I don’t get notifications. On Sundays, I try to do a social media break or I try to do a phone detox where I just keep it in a drawer.
    • I am attempting to read before bed again. You know, before we all had a phone attached to our hand all the time,  I read constantly. So at night, I try to put the phone away and read for at least 1/2 an hour and my sleep really improves. I mean drastically improves. 
    • Prioritizing sleep. I’ve been taking Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy. I really like it because it helps, it doesn’t knock me out like melatonin or CBD would do, but it really provides well-rested sleep.
    • I love this idea that people like to feed other people as an act of love, right? What if we turn that around and we make it a radical act of self-care to feed ourselves well, so I think that’s a big one. You know one of the biggest. 
    • My last one that I wanted to mention too is getting outside. I love going on hikes. I love just running around barefoot in the grass and it’s awesome. 
  • I’m excited for this season and I’m hoping that we can introduce some things to some people who maybe hadn’t really thought about or maybe thought they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it and open some eyes. 
  • We’re not going to tell you to put 90-minute morning routines in place, right? Like we are going to be getting you actionable, realistic tips and motivation and all that good stuff. When we were talking about who our target market was for this podcast, it came down to busy women. f you are a busy woman, that is who we have in mind as we’re having these discussions.

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