Welcome.  Welcome!  WELCOME!  To Ignite.Nourish.Thrive.  I am just so happy that you’re here at my blog!  I am a Real Food Advocate.  My personal experience with the healing powers of real foods started five years ago when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  The pharmaceuticals to manage (not cure) it came with a whole host of side effects.  So I unknowingly started my personal journey to understand the cause and effect relationship of food, stress, and movement on optimizing the body.

From my journey, I’ve realized my passion is to help other people break free from the chains of poor health and optimize their life based on their own goals.  This blog is an outlet to share my thoughts on real foods, sustainable food sourcing, recipes and meal plans, and thoughts on successfully sticking to an Ancestral Health template.

I am a happily married to my wonderful, loving, and supportive husband. 
 We have four fur babies named Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe (in order pictured below). 

In my free time I spend time volunteering as a youth group leader at my church and this feeds my soul!
 I’ve always been a active and am a CrossFit junkie.   
I also work in a corporate job, trying desperately to make this way of living work despite cake in the breakroom, constant stress, and artificial lighting.
I am so excited and looking forward to this journey!  I hope you decide to follow my blog!  In the spirit of Q&A, please post any additional questions about me in the comments below.  (Almost) nothing is off limits!

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