Is Formally Defined the scientific study of behavior
and mental processes.
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Is Formally Defined the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Find a Better Place Healthcare Development Find a Therapist Get an Appointment Today!

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We provide a range of affordable counselling & psychotherapy services which support clients experiencing challenges in their relationships, their sexual lives and their parenting. we undertake research, service development and policy  activities which encourage the development and growth.

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Steps towards mental fitness

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When it comes to abstainer/moderator traits, there is no good or bad. These are personality indicators of who we are. The fight comes in when we want to be something we are not. But understanding what these indicators are and making adjustments to our decisions and routines is key to sustainable nutrition changes.
food addiction
In October of 2020, I had been on a strict macro counting regiment for almost 6 months. My goal was to lose the baby weight from two children and depressive eating patterns I had sustained over the previous 4 and a half years. It was working. But something was coming undone in my head. A voice I had kept in check for the previous 6 months.


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Research Award

Name: Alex Sam Martin

Year: 2019 - 2020

Award By: Forbes International

Location: CN Tower, Toronto, Canada