A collection of Whole Food, Paleo, and Keto recipes.

Look for WF (Whole Food), P (Paleo) and K (Keto) at the end of each description to help you find recipes to meet your goals!


1. ¬†Grilled Watermelon – Sorry, what? Hot watermelon? I promise, give this a try and you’ll be glad you did! The grill brings out the natural sweetness of the watermelon and this is easy peasy! WF, P

2. Gluten Free Mini Corn Dog Muffins – Have you ever checked the ingredients on a box of corn dogs? It’s pretty daunting and kinda gross. Make these treats for a grab and go pool snack for the kids and the kid inside of you! WF

3. Grilled Potato Chips with Garlic Aioli – Who knew you could make potato chips on your grill? They take on a nice smoked flavor that will wow your guests. Plus, Garlic Aioli is always a hit! WF, P

Main Dishes

4. Italian Beef – Sometimes plans for a BBQ are ruined or just not embraced. This recipe is a crowd pleaser and the slow cooker works no matter the weather! WF, P (skip the cheese), K

5. Fall Off the Bone Baked Ribs – Ribs go with summer BBQs like peas go with carrots. You can cook your ribs on the grill or you can make these in the oven! I make these the day before and then throw them in a slow cooker on low an hour before we’re going to eat. WF, P, K

6. Lemony Salmon Burgers – This is something a little different than regular burgers, but sometimes a change of pace is nice! You can serve these over a bed of greens or a burger bun if you prefer! WF, P, K

Side Dishes

7. Cucumber Tomato Salad – This time of year, our garden is full of tomatoes and cucumbers. This recipe is PERFECT for keeping up with the garden. You can make it in advance and I think it tastes better after sitting in the fridge overnight. WF, P, K

8. Summer Watermelon Salad with Mint and Jalapeno – Trust me on this. The sweet of the watermelon and spicy of the jalapeno marry to create a flavor party in your mouth. WF, P

9. Grilled Romaine Salad Feta and Bacon-Balsamic-Tomato Dressing – HOT LETTUCE??? TBH- the first time I had ever heard of a grilled salad, I blanched a little. But I PROMISE. Make this on your grill (or stovetop) and you’ll fall in love. WF, P (omit Feta), K

10. Low Carb Lemonade – Lemonade is a staple of summer but traditionally FULL of sugar. This low carb option means you can get as nostalgic as possible without messing up your carb count. WF, P, K


11. Mango Chia Pudding – One of my favorites! If you are having guests, you can pre-portion these into 4 ounce mason jars for individual servings! WF, P

12. Low Carb Summer Berry Trifle – I love a good trifle and it 100% has everything to do with watching Friends a billion times. This trifle is perfect low carb dessert that won’t actually feel like it’s “diet” food. If you don’t have a trifle dish, grab this one for maximum WOW factor. And I promise, it does NOT taste like feet. K

13. 10 Minute Peach Cobbler – This is probably one of my favorite summer recipes, ESPECIALLY as peaches come into season. And it’s insanely easy. WF, P


Happy Summer Eating!

Kelsey Albers, NTP


Do you have any favorite summer recipes? Share them in the comments or come on over to my Facebook group to chat!

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