Barbells and Bone Broth Podcast - Season 2 - Foundational Self-Care
Human beings have been connected with nature since our very beginning. Most of us crave some sort of natural setting (waves on the shore, hiking in the woods, brunch outside). But getting outside is more than just an indulgence - it's an essential aspect of self-care. Listen as Kelsey shares with Heather what she's learned about getting outside for self-care!
On today's episode, Heather and Kelsey talk with Jessie Golden. Jessie works with women to get to the bottom of addictive patterns of eating. Rather than using abstinence, she advocates for an intuitive based approach. In the past two episodes, Kelsey and Heather have focused on abstinence from addictive foods. This approach is the other side of the coin and the conversation will get your wheels turning!