Alright, let’s play a game.  Do you know what this is?


Not a bird, not a plane, it’s WONDERBAG.

(But if you ask Chandler, it’s his brand new bed.)

But really, this thing is pretty awesome.  When it’s not covered in cat hair.

Remember back in the day when when no one had Crock-Pots?  Yeah, neither do I.  But just because slow cookers didn’t exist at one point in our history doesn’t mean slow cooking wasn’t a method.

On our trip to Australia, our guide at Uluru informed us that the Aboriginals used to dig a pit in the ground and place smouldering wood at the bottom to cook rough cuts of meat.  Such as a Kangaroo tail.  They would cover the pit and several hours later, the tail was mmm, mmm, finger lickin’ good (I’m assuming).

Found this bad boy while we were down under.  Too bad we couldn’t bring it home.
I mean, YOLO.  Right?

Since a lot of the world still doesn’t have access to reliable electricity, there is a reliance on wood or charcoal burning stoves.  This is problematic for all sorts of reasons.

Source: Wonderbag

So Wonderbag comes along.  A big puffy bag designed to insulate food so it finishes cooking without the need for power or fire.  Awesome, right?

Source: Wonderbag

What’s even more awesome is that for every one you buy, one is donated to a family in Africa.  Did you hear that?  It’s the best sort of BOGO.

And they sell them on Amazon these days.  So what did I do when I saw a bright and colorful new kitchen toy on Amazon?  I bought it, of course.

The simplicity is simply amazing.  Cook any dish you please to a boil.

Put a lid on and put it in the Wonderbag.

Cinch it up tight.  Allow it to slow cook for a few hours and you’re done!

It’s fun.  It’s eclectic.  It will impress your guests.  And best of all, it makes me feel like a hipster.

No, but really, best of all it’s a fun way to make great food with a global impact.

I totally recommend it.

Bonus recommendation- it would make a great gift for the chef in your life who already has every kitchen gadget.

Have you tried it?  Do you want to?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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