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Fueling athletic performance requires special attention.  Most of us understand this, but lack the knowledge of how to put it into practical application.

The Ignite. Nourish. Thrive. Workshop and  Challenge will educate athletes on a variety of topics:

  • A closed online community for ongoing, daily support
  • Multiple workshops with relevant content and opportunities to interact and share
  • Midweek touchpoints to enhance learning and troubleshoot issues
  • Handouts with best food choices, grocery store guides, meal builders and planning, supplement guides, and much more
  • Giveaways, support, growth, and FUN!

Personalized programs are available on a case by case basis.
However, a challenge could include any combination of:

  • How to fuel for optimal athletic performance, permanent fat loss, and total body nourishment
  • How to create meal plans and shopping lists to support the demands of high intensity athletics
  • Smart supplementation
  • Making smart food choices that align with personal goals, not what the media or latest fashion magazine says is important
  • Sourcing quality food without breaking the bank or going insane

This program is ideal for CrossFit Boxes, Strength and Conditioning Gyms, Personal Trainers looking to deliver more to their clients, Club Sports programs, or any group of people wanting to get more out of what they put into their workouts.

Please contact me to start discussing your program options right away!