One on One Coaching

One-on-One Health Coaching

One-on-one health coaching can be one of the most powerful tools for sustained fat loss and success.  We are often led to believe that a one size fits all diet should work for us. And when it doesn’t, we’re shamefully told to TRY HARDER.

Ignite. Nourish. Thrive. Health Coaching is specifically designed to meet the needs of every individual.  We’re all made differently and have unique experiences with diets, weight loss, and working out. All of these factors create distinct challenges that most diet plans cannot address.

Ignite. Nourish. Thrive. Health Coaching offers:

  • A program that is 100% client-driven based on individual goals
  • Focus on long-term, sustainable changes (no crash diets, calorie restriction, or bland meal replacements here)
  • Nutritional guidance to address issues that are all too prevalent in our modern lives (most of which we are unaware of but can have the potential to completely derail our goals)
  • A guilt-free, whole foods approach to fueling life
  • Addressing other lifestyle factors that negatively impact our health, such as sleep, stress, and relationships
  • Personal support through the whole process

About the One-on-One Coaching Program

At the start of your program, you’ll get an approved food list, macro recommendations, 28-day jumpstart meal plan with a 4-week plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. It will include recipes, a grocery list, meal prep guidelines, and blank templates so you can create your own meal plan if you want. I do want to clarify that the meal plan only assigns meals – it will be up to you to portion out to your specific macros.

We’ll also do a one-hour kickoff coaching call where we will review your plan and make sure you’re set to start. You will be expected to log your foods every day in Carb Manager (my preferred tracking app). I will review your journals and provide feedback twice a week. You will also need to weigh in and complete measurements once a week.

Here is what the coaching schedule looks like:

  • DAILY:  you will log your food in food tracker
  • WEDNESDAYS: Mid-Week Review – These are usually concise and a check to be sure we’re not going off the rails.
  • FRIDAYS: Weigh-In and Measurements due by 7 pm
  • SATURDAYS: Weekend Review – This will be more comprehensive and you’ll get focused for the coming week. You will have your feedback by 2 pm, so if you need to make any changes to your plan for the coming week, you’ll have enough time.

Program Costs

Month-to-Month Coaching:

$165 for the first month, $135/month for month 2 and beyond.

Six Months of Coaching:

$765 (due upfront)

What are the benefits of  One-on-One Coaching vs Group Coaching?

The two main differences between group and personal coaching are:

  1. During personal coaching, I’m actively reviewing your food journals twice/week. In group coaching, you’ll still be asked to log but I won’t be watching them.
  2. I will only calculate one set of macros per session of group coaching. In personal coaching, I’ll re-calculate as much as you need!

Ready to start your One-on-One Health Coaching Journey?

Please contact me right away to find out more or to schedule your free consultation!